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Janine Micheau: Decca, 1947-1948

Janine Micheau (Toulouse, 17.04.1914 - Parijs, 18.10.1976): Franse lyrische sopraan.
Opgeleid aan het conservatorium van Toulouse en het Conservatoire National de Paris.  
1933: debuut Opéra-Comique, daarna grote successen bij zowel de Opéra-Comique als de Grand Opéra van Parijs.
Ze heeft in diverse wereldpremières gezongen:
1938: creëerde de rol van Creuse in Médée van Darius Milhaud (Grand Opéra, Parijs).
1941: creëerde de rol van Caroline in Comme ils s'aiment van André Lavagne (Opéra-Comique, Parijs)

Na de oorlog ha dze een internationale carrière die haar in Nederland, België, Italië, Amerika (San Francisco, Chicago), ook maakte ze een uitgebreide tournee door Zuid-Amerika.
1956: ze stopte bij de Opéra en ging lesgeven aan het Conservatoire National (Parijs) en aan het Mozarteum (Salzburg).

Janine Micheau heeft platen opgenomen voor de labels Pathé, Columbia, Decca, HMV, Philips en Cetra.

De 2 opnamen gedirigeerd door Muir Mathieson zijn opgenomen in 1947, de andere opnamen o.l.v. Roger Désormière zijn in 1948 opgenomen. De precieze opnamegegevens van track 4 en 5 heb ik niet kunnen achterhalen.

1  Gounod - "Roméo et Juliette": Waltz song    3:28
    Opname 24-05-1948
2  Offenbach - "Contes d'Hoffmann": Doll song    4:44
    Opname 25-05-1948
3  Gounod - "Mireille": Waltz song    2:57
    Opname 24-05-1948
4  Thomas - "Mignon": Polonaise    4:23
5  Proch: Thema en variaties    4:23
6  Rossini - "Barbiere di Siviglia": Una voce poco fa    6:37
    Opname 22-01-1947
7  Charpentier - "Louise": Depuis le jour    4:55
    Opname 25-05-1948
8  Bizet - "Pêcheurs de perles": Cavatine de Leila    7:03
    Opname 17-01-1947

Janine Micheau, sopraan
1-5, 7: Orchestre de la Société des Concerts du Conservatoire de Paris;
Roger Désormière, dirigent
6, 8: London Symphony Orchestra; Muir Mathieson, dirigent
LP 30 cm: Decca LXT 2528
Totale tijd:   38:30

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  1. I am embarrassed to write you about a complaint, since I rarely post my comments thanking you about the wonderful listings on your blogs. Let me first say, I follow and greatly appreciate all your blogs. Some of the recent postings that I have most enjoyed are the Werner Haas, Noël Lee -Debussy on the 33 toeren klassiek, the Clemens Krauss - Johann Strauss - "Die Fledermaus": highlights on LPs opera en klassiek, the Maggie Teyte and Emma Calvé listings on 78 toeren Opera en zang, the Mozart performed by the Léner String Quartet on the 78 toeren klassiek. The Don Byas and Elmore James recordings from the 33t Jazz World Curiosa and the Gary Mulligan 78s from the 78 toeren curiosa wereld jazz. Now for the complaint (which is not really a complaint, but just a report of an issue with the downloads) is that I have been having problems playing the Janine Micheau posting. A few of the selections would not play till the end of the track on iTunes on my Mac. Which is sad, since Ms. Micheau singing is exquisite. Interestingly, when I imported the tracks into an audio editor, the waveforms seemed normal, and also the tracks played throughout. I then opened the tracks with Fission, an audio editor that allows for MP3 files to be edited without re-encoding the tracks, and saved as new files. And Voila! the problem was solved. So apparently, the digital information on each of the tracks was not faulty. Instead, the associated directory information for each file must have been corrupted. It is possible that this issue may be limited to playback with iTunes. By the way, the offending tracks were no. 1, 4 - 8 (tracks 2 and 3 were not faulty). You may want to check out the files on your system, and re-post new versions. Again, thanks for all your wonderful blogs. I find them a great source of musical education and edification.

    1. Hi Purcell, thanks for your reaction. It's always good to post download issues, to see if they can be solved. But I can't find any problems. I use windows, use Audacity to record and divide the tracks, and mostly I play my music with WinAmp. I checked the files in Audacity, played everything with WinAmp and Windows Media Player: I can't find any problems! So the files are ok.